How Is Goat Tape Different?

Goat Tape is the world's first athletic tape designed specifically for CrossFitters by CrossFitters, crafted using a unique extra-strength Malaysian-grade adhesive specially formulated to withstand extremely sweaty environments.

Translation: Goat Tape is the only tape designed specifically to withstand even the most punishing WOD conditions.

You can check out the great things other people are saying about Goat Tape here, but really, the best way to tell that we're better than everyone else is to try it yourself.

Not only is it cheaper than other tapes on the market, we've also tested it at all levels of CrossFit — from hardened pros to busy moms – and we're SURE that you if you try it, you'll get your goat.

To order, click the "Shop" link above. If our premium athletic tape doesn't hold up, we'll give you your money back.