Goat Tape Athlete: Kyle Kasperbauer


BioAge:31, Height:5'8", Weight:185

Born and raised on a corn, beans, and cattle farm in central Nebraska. - 2009: 4th place at Rocky mountain regional, then 37th at games after crossfitting for 2 months and eating whatever.

- 2010: No regional’s (injured), jumped onto team after CFO qualified and 2nd at Games.

- 2011: No regional’s as individual or team, out of country. Jumped on CFO team again, 19th place.

- 2012: After realizing Crossfit was worth the commitment, 1st at regional’s and 3rd at Games. 

- 2013: 1st Nickname: Special K or K2 (squared)  


Goat Tape of choice: Scary Sticky  


Affiliate: CrossFit Omaha


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