GoatTape Athlete: Andrea Ager


Bio: Lifetime athlete Andrea Ager began her CrossFit journey in 2010 after a prolific track career at Mesa State University in Colorado, where she graduated with a degree in Exercise Science.

Andrea continued her career in California, where she moved in 2011 to coach and compete, training to take down the best female CrossFitters in the world. That summer she competed in the CrossFit Games as part of the BRICK team that took 5th in the world. In 2012, Andrea finished the open 6th place in the world and went on to place 5th in the SoCal Regionals.

In 2013, in a much more competitive pool, Andrea finished the open ranked 7th in the world. Andrea recently returned to Colorado to focus full-time on training and achieving her goal of returning to the CrossFit Games.


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